Accenting your Messages on your Blackberry

How do you Accent your Messages on your Blackberry?

There are at least 6700 recognized languages used in the world, and, chances are, you speak at least one of them. Maybe two. Perhaps more.
And chances are, if you speak the language, there may come a time where you will need to compose some sort of message, maybe even on your Blackberry.
Problem is, that often languages have funny letters and accents. When was the last time you have seen an ß, an É or an ñ on your keypad?
Your first guess might be to pull up your symbols menu, but alas, the accents are not to be found.
Fear not my fellow multi-linguists! There are a couple simple solutions for you!
The first option, or if you wish to use a character based language like Japanese or Chinese, is to just download the language pack back onto your Blackberry.
  • First, connect you Blackberry to your computer
  • Open up your Blackberry Desktop Manager, and click Applications
  • Select the Language and Input support section
  • Click the “+”  for the languages that you want to add or use.
  • Click apply
And Voilà!
Just like that the language is added on your device. Now when you start to type, your auto correct feature will stick in your accents.
Now, keep in mind, adding the language does take up memory (which is why they recommend removing the ones you won’t use in your set-up wizard), so it’s only recommended to add the ones that you are going to use frequently.
If you don’t anticipate having to use it very often, and memory space is an issue on your phone, or you speak many languages there is another option.
Say you speak German, and you want the ß character.

  • In your message, hold down the ‘S’ key.
  • Now, while holding the key down, scroll around with your trackpad or trackball.
  • Scroll around until you get the ß
  • Let go and then keep typing away.
Pretty cool, isn’t it?
Now your messages will never be without accent again!
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