Activating a SmartPhone with NO Data Plan

Want a Smart Phone but do not want to subscribe to Data plan??

I was faced with a problem the other day with one of our clients – they wanted to get a Blackberry for a user – however – this user did not require a data plan. They wanted him to have a blackberry to keep all company hardware uniform for internal reasons –  however  – they were discouraged at the price of the hardware due to not having a data plan!

Example Rogers BB 9800 $99.99 on a 3 yr term with data – with no data plan the unit will be $424.99 on a 3 yr term  —  In order to oblige the client with desired pricing – and follow the system guidelines set out by the carrier –  we utilized the following solution!

We checked the Company’s mobile fleet for another Blackberry user that already had and was using a data plan (and they did not need a new Blackberry) and then upgraded that particular user – thus allowing the Company to get the hardware for the $99.99 upgraded promotional price. Once the upgrade was complete – they could just switched SIM cards with the non data user and Voila  – they acquired a new blackberry for a cheaper price, with no added data plan!


Another option that may have worked in this situation would be to upgrade/activate a Smart phone and add data, then remove the data plan immediately afterwords. Note that you will incur a cancellation fee – however – in some cases for example with Rogers the cancellation fee far out ways the full price of the device –

Example: BlackBerry 9800 $99.99 on a 3 yr term with data – with no data plan the unit will be $424.99 on a 3 yr term – If you remove the data plan before the end of the term Rogers will charge you $100.00 cancellation fee making the unit cost $199.99 – still cheaper then $424.99 –  **Be careful to check with your carrier for the cancellation fees, as some will charge back the total amount of the discount.**


Some companies will decide to just pay for the data plan that is not being used to avoid the high hardware charge – however – this is not always the cheaper option. Using the same example as above – Rogers BB9800 $99.99 3 yr term – If upgrading / activating on a 3 yr term with NO data plan $424.99 – If you were to take the cheapest data plan $15.00 over 3 Years it will be an additional $540.00 + the $99.99 for the hardware.


Although the cost to purchase new Mobile Devices such as Smartphones & Blackberries may seem steep, there are options for your Mobile Device Management needs.


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