Adapting your Mobile Device – International Travel

Is your Mobile Device Ready for International Travel?

Summer is fast approaching, and your vacation time is itching to be used.

Perhaps you are planning your next great adventure (touring Europe perhaps?).

Or maybe you are just travelling overseas for work – well I am sure you could add a little down time in that trip.


You have you tickets arranged, passport in order, packing list made, and roaming for your mobile device set to go.


You’ve checked and double checked, and you are certain you are ready to go.

But did you remember to check to see if your mobile devices are ready to go?


Unfortunately, not all countries use the same type of outlet, or even the same power, which can throw a wrench into your travel plans.


So where do you start?


1) Check the type of power used where you are travelling

Generally, there are two types of power, 110-120v 60Hz , which is common to Canada, the US, and Central America, and 220-240v 50Hz, which is more common to European countries. If you are not sure what type of electricity the country you are travelling to uses, there are lots of resources online, like this one, which can help you. It can also give you an idea on what types of adapters you may need.
You can also call the hotel you have made your reservations at. Chances are, they are used to international travellers, and can give you some information on their set up ( some hotels have different types of plugs built in).


2) Make sure your devices are compatible

To avoid frying you device, make sure that it is compatible with a higher voltage ( or lower), or is a dual voltage device. A lot of newer devices are already dual voltage, but you can check on the square or rectangle boxes that are on your power cord. Under the input field, you are looking for something like 120-240V AC 50-60 Hz. While your plug might not say exactly that, you are looking for it to list both types of power.


3) Buy a converter or adapter.

Travel adapters are available widely online. A quick search should bring up lots of options for you. Many of them have a variety of plug adapters, so just make sure that the country your are travelling to is listed. If you have a dual device, you should be able to get away with just a straight adapter. Just make sure that it is rated for electronic or prolonged use.


If you are using a device that is not dual voltage, then make sure you are buying a converter. This will switch the power to the higher ( or lower) voltage, and ultimately protect your device. Again make sure that if you are planning on running a laptop or your phone, that it is rated for electronic devices or prolonged use, as opposed to just electric devices like an electric shaver or hair dryer.


Now, after just a little digging around, you and your device are ready for your trip!


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