Agent & Reseller Business Opportunities Await You!

Two Business Opportunity programs geared towards two types of Partners.

Did you know that GILL Technologies has excellent Channel Program opportunities just waiting for you?


We currently provide 2 channel programs depending on your requirements.
Whether you are looking to offer add on services to your existing business, or are looking to start a completely new business, one of our channel programs may be the right fit for you!


Agent Program – Ideal for a person/company with experience in B2B looking to offer their clients a complete solution with all of the back-end supplied by GILL Technologies. You build the relationship and we provide the services.


Tele-Watch Reseller Program – Ideal for companies who are already providing cost audit & support services, but who are looking to offer their clients a full suite of Reporting capabilities from Tele-Watch – a Telecom Expense Management Solution for Business.


Some key benefits of our channel programs are:

  •  Highest Residual Income in the industry
  •  High in-demand services in the B2B arena
  •  Tap into over 10 years of our experience in the industry
  •  Full training and support in all of our programs
  •  Dedicated channel manager to support your success – because our success is your success
  •  Complete sales and marketing processes and systems

Sound good so far? Not only will you as an Agent or Reseller benefit from our Channel Programs – but so will your Clients!


Your Clients can benefit from:

  • Communication savings of up to 50%
  • Accountability through the organization with controlled account access to management, managers, department heads, select individuals, or individual users.
  • Improved “Visibility” across multiple carriers and locations filtered to company-wide, region, department, and cost center.
  • Simplicity of a single point of contact for support of account and users incorporating hardware procurement and policy management.
  • Your one liaison to the carriers.

Have we caught your attention yet? Would you like to learn more?


One of the primary ways our services are  implemented with businesses around the globe is through our Agents & Resellers.


Our Programs are critical components to our company success, so residual commissions are some of the highest paid you will find in the industry. Coupled with a very unique service, and incredible value proposition for clients, our Agent & Reseller opportunities are something you should not ignore.


So go ahead and Request More Information by selecting the program of greatest interest to you: Agent Program or Reseller Program


We just might be the solution you’re looking for.


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