Do you Review your Tele-Watch Alerts?


GILL Technologies is here to help with your wireless expense management service, but YOU can take action to save even more.

Tele-Watch (Telecom Expense Management Software) displays ALERTS to help monitor and reduce costs; providing information you can review for tips on how to save money, implement or enforce company policies and prevent abuse, while optimizing your business communications. 


Some types of usage may require your intervention in order to control and reduce cost.

Typically Alerts are generated for:



  • high usage which exceeds coverage by plans and features already in place
  • low usage where a plan or feature can be reduced
  • no usage where an existing plan or feature is in place and is no longer required
  • usage outside of your corporate policy (i.e.: data or text messaging is not permitted)
  • sudden increases in cost
  • excessive roaming charges, where no action has been taken to reduce the charges (i.e. no roaming bundles or travel packs were added)
  • charges breaching corporate policy (i.e.: company does not allow use of video messaging)
  • user initiated services where there is no plan or feature available to reduce the charges, such as downloads (music, games, ringtones etc.), premium messaging (where charges range from $.25/message to $5/message), and 411/Directory Assistance charges.  Charges and usage for these services must be governed by the individual or company to eliminate charges.


From the Mobile Reports menu, select the Changes and Alerts Report to see any current Alerts for your company.


To investigate the alert, you can click on any unit # to see the unit’s Cost and Usage detail for that month.  

This will give some understanding of the unit’s charges for the current month in a view that is similar to the carrier’s bill.


To determine if this is a pattern of usage or recurring charges which may require further follow-up, click to view the Summary.


From here, you can see 12 months of the user’s history, and any trends in the charges.


You can now decide whether the usage or charges are acceptable, if there is a cheaper way to perform the same functions, or if further action is required.


Be sure to check your ALERTS regularly to better understand and control your wireless expenses, and optimize your business communications.

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