Backing Up Data

Backing Up Data – What & Why?

“From the Fence with JP”

Data data data – what happens if it disappeared? For some people this is not a concern, yet for others it would be a problem – ranging in intensity of a minor inconvenience to an apocalyptic nightmare.

Everyone has more and more data – every day we accumulate lots of information from varying sources – email, calendars, phones, chats, texts, facebook, twitter, MSN, tax software, documents, etc (the list goes on)!

In the “old” days we had physical filing cabinets filled with paper, which many people used as reassurance of physical originals someplace – if soft copies disappeared. Now – even though there seems to be more and more paper there seems to be less reliance on this form for original documents.

So what does this mean?

It means that more and more original content is strictly in soft format. I am willing to bet that a high percentage of us “average” users have not seriously looked at backing up our data. Which brings us back to the first question – what happens if it disappeared? Who cares or apocalypse. For most of us – somewhere in the middle is most likely.

Backing up “everything” is not as simple as it seems. We have our data in so many different areas it is increasingly difficult to ensure everything is backed up. Your email may be in the cloud or on your local machine or both. You may have documents both on the local machine as well as in various cloud storage areas. Your data on your mobile cellular device, blackberry smartphone or iPhone, iPod or iPad, Playbook or Tablet, or even your MP3 mobile device data may not even be backed up.

Is there a solution?

Well the good news is there are backup solutions /options available for essentially any and all of your data types. Now the bad news – there are very few (I have not been able to find one yet), if any, all in one solutions. Which means backing up your data can be a make work project, which in turn means even fewer of us will do it. In the past when your data was all on your local machine backing up was “relatively’ painless. Plug in a USB drive (or other media mobile data device) and either run a backup program or manually copy your data – done. The cloud adds a unique challenge – as well – the multi mobile device issue increases the uniqueness of that challenge.

Is there a take away from this? – YES I think there is!

Be aware of what data you have AND determine where you fit in terms of what happens if that data were to disappear. If that is any place other than “I don’t care” then you should be looking at backup solutions for some, if not all your data.

There are a few backup solutions I currently use, and a few I am experimenting with – however – I welcome ideas and solutions that anyone else my be utilizing.

For those of you who do not currently back up your data – for now – at least start to think about the data you have and where it is located.


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