BlackBerry Apps for the Basic User – Part 1

“From the Fence with JP”

I am sure there are people out there (and hopefully I am not the only one) that are NOT heavy duty power users with their BlackBerry.
They wanted a phone to be a phone, and add in the email capability, maybe some web browsing, and there ya go.
Yes I know that the smartphones now do that without breaking a sweat and so much more. But for some people the so much more is not needed or wanted for a variety of reasons.
On top of all this – you add in the thousands and thousands of Apps that are available and suddenly the phone you wanted to just be a phone – is now a huge chore.
When it comes to Apps – does it really matter that one type of phone is boasting Apps in the hundreds of thousands? Sounds like over kill to me! Do I really care that I can choose from dozens (if not hundreds) of different Apps for playing solitaire? Who has the time to go through each and every one?
So, for those people that use their BlackBerry Smartphone simply as a cellular phone + a bit, here are a few of the “Apps” I have found (not that I look for many) which are simple to use, usually free and fairly useful.
  • Poynt – this is one of those Apps that I barely scratch the surface in using its capabilities. I have used it for restaurant searches as well as seeing the movie listings. It is easy to navigate and quite accurate. It has many more features as well.
  • Weather Bug – There are many weather Apps out there. I was using the one from the weather channel. At some point they changed it and it was no longer as quick and simple. The Weather Bug App is easy to use, customizable, and most importantly to me – it has turned out to be very accurate. It quickly shows me exactly what I want to see, no waiting, no jumping around.
  • Scoremobile – There are lots and lots of sports update Apps. I will confess, I actually use two. The SI App as well as Scoremobile. I am a news junkie and as a result I actually do like my phone to have news and sports at my fingertips. I have fairly simple tastes – give me the facts and make it easy for me to get them. There are Apps other than Scoremobile that probably “present” the information better. Again – I dont get too worried about the “presentation” as long as I get the information I need. What I have found most appealing with Scoremobile is the selection of sports. So far any and all the sports I am interested in following can be found in Scoremobile. This is not the case with the SI App.
  • All of these are easily found simply by searching the BlackBerry App World.
I welcome comments, especially from those people out there that also just want their BlackBerry
to be a simple cellular phone with a few bonuses.
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