Blackberry Enterprise

Many businesses today depend on a BlackBerry enterprise for connecting sales people to their customers, colleagues, management teams and an array of information that drives the business. A Blackberry Enterprise Solution can help Businesses do all this and more – with everything from business applications to synchronizing email, calendar, contacts, tasks, memos and more, all on a BlackBerry Smartphone.


But who is helping you with your Enterprise Blackberry Management?

Let us help your organization take control over your mobile device fleet by standardizing your device Blackberry Smartphone platform. Let’s simplify blackberry management and the whole mobilization process.

What are your organization’s main Blackberry enterprise mobility priorities?


  • Total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • International roaming costs /voice & data roaming
  • Procurement of hardware, contracts & plans for Blackberry enterprise services
  • Customer support
  • Billing & Analysis tools
  • Management of devices on multiple mobile network operators
  • Remote access for staff working off site
  • Security
  • Device management
  • Exploiting unified communications & collaboration potential
  • Mobilizing data applications
  • On-site mobility

The need for support in managing this complexity and cost has never been greater.

GILL Technologies & Tele-Watch telecom expense management software fills this need with:

  • Billing and usage analysis tools
  • Management of contracts with mobile operators
  • Procurement & management of devices / data applications / service (airtime)
  • Support help desk – for management and end users

Our cloud based Mobile Expense Management solution gives your organization the information it needs to promote cost savings with accountability, visibility and simplicity.