BlackBerry Replacement Under Warranty Through Rogers!

Does Your BlackBerry Need Warranty Servicing? 

Having your BlackBerry break down on you is not an ideal situation to be in!


We know – You rely on your BlackBerry everyday for multiple functions, and just can’t go with out it. So Now What? What will you do and how will you get along without your BlackBerry while it’s in for service? 


Did you know that if your unit is still under warranty, the replacement process is fairly painless? What a relief! 


If your BlackBerry service provider is Rogers, and your unit is still under warranty follow this simple process:

  • Call Rogers Tech Support at 1-877-274-3375 Option #1 – they will trouble shoot with you to get the unit working again.
  • If Tech Support is unable to get you up and running over the phone – they will deem the unit defective and they will arrange to have a replacement BlackBerry unit sent directly to you.
  • You will receive the Replacement unit with in a few days of your call.
  • Along with the replacement unit you will receive return packaging, waybill and instructions to send your defective BlackBerry unit back to Rogers.
  • The Replacement BlackBerry Unit is now yours – remove your SIM from your defective unit, insert into Replacement unit, and you are back in business. 
  • Return your Defective unit in provided packaging back to Rogers. 


Things to Remember:

  • If possible do a back up of your old BlackBerry unit so that you do not lose any data.
  • Return the defective unit within 15 days of receiving the replacement or you will be charged for the replacement unit.
  • Make note of the waybill number you use to send the defective unit back  to Rogers – Rogers does not note this number and you may need to provide this delivery info if there is a dispute about the return of the defective unit. 


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