BlackBerry’s Mass Storage Mode

Using your BlackBerry as a Portable Flash Drive with Mass Storage Mode.

Chances are that for Work, school, or even for a hobby, you have toted around a USB flash drive (or two) in order to carry your files around with you.

One of the benefits of these little gadgets,  is that they are highly portable, nice and small, and fit nicely into ones pocket/purse/briefcase/laptop bag. 🙂

The downside is that  they are nice and small and fit nicely into all of these places. 🙁

They have an awful tendency of getting lost in crevices of your bag of choice. I once found mine lodged underneath the protective padding in my laptop bag. Or, if you have the unfortunate luck of my sister, you stick it in the pocket of your jeans, and then forget about it until you find it at the bottom of your washing machine….. After the cycle has run.

Aside from lugging around a USB hard drive, what other device can you use to carry around your files?

If you have a BlackBerry, the answer is very clear.

Think about it for a minute……….

What else goes with you nearly everywhere you go, and can support a microSD card up to 32GB (depending on the model of your mobile device)? And while it is not safe from the perils of the washing machine, if you fear losing it and your data, you can always set up BlackBerry Protect!

By turning on the Mass Storage Mode on your mobile device, you can easily drag and drop files to and from your microSD card.

To transform your BlackBerry SmartPhone into a handy portable USB drive – Here’s what you need to do:

  • Connect your BlackBerry by USB to your computer.
  • You should then get a pop up box, asking to enable mass storage mode. (It will be different depending on what OS version you are using).
  • If you are using OS 6, then you should get a screen with three options. Select USB Drive.
  • When the AutoPlay box pops up, select Open folder to view files.
  • If the AutoPlay doesn’t start, go into your Computer
  • Under removable drive, you should see BLACKBERRY. This one is your media card (internal memory shows up as BLACKBERRY 1)

You should now be able to drag and drop your files as you please! Who would have thought that managing your data from your Mobile Device could be so easy? When you are done, make sure to safely remove your hardware, to prevent any data corrupting.

Not working for you? Give this a try!

If you are using OS 6:

  • Either search Storage from the home-screen, or
  • Go to Options, then Storage
  • Make sure that Media card Support is checked.

If you are using OS 5:

  • Go to options, then Memory
  • Make sure Mass Storage Mode Support is On
  • Make sure Media Card Support is On.
  • You can enable the Auto Enable, and it will get ride of the prompts every time you plug in your device.


If you use a Mac and not a PC, you can do the same thing by dragging and dropping your files into the BlackBerry Icon that appears on your desktop.

Just make sure that you move the icon to the Trash, before unplugging to safely remove the hardware.

What other applications do you use your BlackBerry, SmartPhone, iPhone, or Mobile Device for?

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