Why “Not To” Call Toll Free Numbers When Roaming on your Cell Phone

Toll Free Numbers from Your Cell Phone – Not So "Toll Free"

So you’re travelling, and your bringing along that power tool …you know the one, your cell phone! Since you’ll be roaming, and wish to keep your cell phones costs down, you’ve devised a plan to outsmart your provider, you’re going to use nothing but toll free numbers on your travels; therefore by calling only toll free numbers, eliminate any roaming costs, and charges! Or maybe not…

Well this myth could be a very nasty surprise when you get home. Watch our tip of the week and learn how to curb (not eliminate) costs when roaming and what really occurs when you dial cell phones.







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Hello everyone George Gill here with GILL Technologies with this week’s tip of the week for telecom expense management.

You know every once in a while not that I want to turn this into a social media tip but every once and a while coming up with topics can be pretty challenging and I like to go to the head of our ClientCare team Amy and kind of prod her for different ideas of questions our clients are asking and challenges that are having with managing their telecom expense management. And I got to tell you this week in particular she came up with a doozy often it’s kind of like prodding at her to get some different ideas but I think you’re really going to like this one in this week’s topic on toll free numbers and when not to use toll free’s and the myths behind them as far as whether or not they’re actually saving your company money.

So I want to encourage you though to go to our site www.gill-technologies.com right on the screen here and register for our blog so that you can get these tips as soon as they’re posted on a weekly basis and we put a lot of other great information there as well. Ok so there is this myth that calling toll free’s, is free when you are roaming and this is a myth if you travel and you’re in a roaming situation and you dial toll-free numbers you are going to pay roaming charges plus the costs of the call plus the long-distance all those charges wrapped up under that so don’t make that first mistake don’t go roaming and thinking that just dialing toll-free numbers is going to allow you to get around the carriers costs for those roaming charges. Now the second myth is that you’re going to add a roaming plan and then call the toll-free numbers and then you’re going to be fine. Well although this may eliminate some of the roaming charges you’re still being charged for the call okay so, and if you’re calling yourself if you’re calling your own business or your calling your company or maybe you have a toll-free setup on your home line or your kids lines there paying for the toll-free cost as well as you’re paying for the charge on your cell phone. So what’s the work around here? Well there’s no real workaround from the perspective of eliminating the cost that there is a smart way to approach when traveling or when roaming at how to call back home or call back to home office or make calls to clients and that is not to dial the roaming number, sorry the toll-free number. So have a roaming plan and use the local numbers, ok you’re in your roaming plan and you have the long-distance covered, you’re going to be billed for airtime anyways so just dial the local number and that will get you through and that doesn’t just apply to roaming if you’re traveling and it’s going to be a long-distance call there’s no sense in using your company’s toll-free number. You’re being billed for air time and you’re being billed for the toll-free that’s assuming you have a long-distance package or roaming package on your phone at the time.

Alright so that’s this week’s tip of the week for telecom expense management, please join me again, I’m George Gill from GILL Technologies and we look forward to being your telecom expense management solution! [/DDET]


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