Free Blackberry Enterprise Server Express

Considering a BES Solution for your BlackBerry Fleet?

Did you know – that BlackBerry offers an inexpensive BES solution known as the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express – which is Free?


The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express version is very comparable to the professional BES version. 

Except  the Express version is FREE, while the professional BES version requires additional expensive software and requires you to pay for each user license (which can be purchased in large blocks if needed)  and you also have to use a more expensive Data Plan.



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How to Wipe Out a BlackBerry

Do you Need to Wipe the Data from your Blackberry?

Here is a Tip of the Week that is short and sweet!


So you have a Blackberry that is in excellent working condition; the previous user is no longer with the company and now you are passing this blackberry along to another user. (The unit is still under contract, and you don’t want to be penalized with a huge fee to cancel). 


You figure it’s probably a good idea to wipe all the data from the device before passing it along to the new user – making it fresh for a new start.

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Season’s Greetings from GILL Technologies

Please note that our offices will be on vacation until January 4th, 2010. Until then . . . Christmas Card 2009Web

Why you should Not Trust the Carrier to Generate Mobile Savings

In a mobile industry which is plagued with high “churn” rates between competitors and changing sales people like a swinging door, it is understandable why you should be cautious when it comes to making dramatic carrier change decisions. However, caution is sometimes not enough. We have many situations where we are dealing with current clients and prospective clients who have been promised the world when it comes to carrier services. The biggest promise of all is savings on the wireless cell phone plans. Come to our network and save X%.

We recently had a client promised just this situation from a competitive carrier to the one they were currently on. Fortunately the client knew enough to pass this by us prior to making the jump. They were promised a 38% savings on their average cell phone bill to go to the new carrier. Now 38% cell phone plans comparison savings is pretty extreme, especially when you consider this client employed us to manage their costs and we brought none of this to their attention. The total offer focused on the following:

  1. Free Hardware – 3 Year Agreement
  2. Unlimited Calling – Promotional period of 3 months only
  3. Corporate Contact
  4. Corporate Mobile Cellular Management
  5. Corporate Agreement
  6. …and 38% cost savings per month.

When we analyzed the carriers offer – and in defense of the carrier – we’re really talking about the salesperson’s offer (although this was a corporate salesperson), the reality was the client’s costs instead of saving 38% on their mobile phone plans, would have increased by 12%. To really support the fact we actually outlined to the client on a line by line basis comparing cell phone plans of over  100 units in their fleet, exactly the cause and effect over a one year period.  The client was astonished. They were absolutely shocked that someone could get away with just lying about the end results. However, is this really lying?

I would challenge that likely it is not so much lying as it is negligence in that the salesperson probably did believe the savings would materialize. If we look at their job specifically, they are paid and continue to keep their job based on client acquisitions and activations. So the bulk of their time is spent chasing new prospects to secure new business. The tool they use to entice new business is generally savings on mobile phone plans. In utilizing this tool, they by default become cost analysts in the preparation of proposals. So to sum up, a salesperson that spends the bulk of their time chasing new business, to stay employed, spends the least amount of their time being auditors.  This is likely not a good model to support, at least for the client.

So this leads to an interesting issue. What if you’re promised “X” savings from a carrier, and those savings do not materialize? Buyer Beware! You’re essentially toast! You’ve signed the term agreement which guarantees no savings what so ever, quality of support or service. Of course you could fight this, but it would be a long and likely fruitless battle. In the meantime your communications would be in an uproar.  The best solution is to either internally audit the cell phone plans comparison quote, which of course can be quite time consuming, or have a third party review the wireless cell phone plans on your behalf. One of the biggest marketing statements we make here at GILL Technologies is “we work on your, the client’s behalf, not the carriers’. I sometimes think the importance of this is underestimated.

Has your company ever been promised savings from a carrier? Did they materialize? I would love to hear your input.

Remote Call Forwarding for Business

Remote call forwarding is a convenient feature offered by virtually every major carrier in Canada and the US. It does exactly what it sounds like it does: relays your call from one number to another.  Prices change from carrier to carrier but in general, it’s an economical choice within a bigger telecom cost audit strategy.

Our clients use remote call forwarding for a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of these to show you the possibilities:

“I am moving my office and can’t keep the same phone number.”

This is a common concern for our clients when they’re strongly associated with a given phone number due to extensive marketing or long time tradition. Use remote call forwarding to keep your original number as the destination for callers, but pick up from your new number.

“I do business in multiple regions, but I can only be in one place at a time.”

Some of our clients have multiple mailing addresses and contact points but prefer to receive their calls in one location, saving on operations costs and keeping customer relations under one roof. Remote call forwarding can consolidate your calls across multiple numbers to reach a single response point.


To set up call forwarding, call your carrier. If you’re a GILL Technologies client, ClientCare will not only do this for you but handle any other requests. You never have to wait on hold with a carrier. Contact us to get started.

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