Cell Phone Plan Optimization

Businesses looking to reduce communication expenses begin with a cell phone plans comparison. Often generating initial savings of 20% or greater according to industry averages, this is only the first step to maximizing superior mobile device expense management.

Myth – “Corporate or business plans are your best deal.”

Although some corporate plans can be beneficial to certain users, generally a “one size fits all” cell phone plans selection strategy, results in over spending, and lack of required features beneficial to certain roles in the organization. Partnering with an auditing firm to regularly review and optimize cell phone plans, ensures maximum mobile savings, and controlled costs.


  • Produce monthly savings on cell phone expenses
  • Compare services and pricing across vendors
  • Discover and resolve billing errors in time for credits
  • Keep the carrier working hard for your business
  • Verification of internal review processes


Included Devices:

  • Regular Cell phones (mobile phones)
  • Blackberries
  • Smart Phones (including iPhones, Windows, and Android operating systems)
  • Wireless enabled tablets
  • Conferencing
  • Data and Internet Services

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How We Do It:

  • Plan Optimization
  • Feature Bundling Minimizing Plan Requirements
  • Contract Re-Negotiations
  • Billing Errors Discovery and Recovery
  • Volume and Pooled Rates

Most organizations can save 12% – 21% of their annual telephony charges – CFO Magazine


3 Easy Steps to Communications Savings:

  1. Request a FREE 30 Day Trial
  2. We complete a Pre-Audit for potential Savings
  3. View results in “Tele-Watch” our mobile cost management software


Mobile Expense Management Plan Should Include:


…The savings that were quoted were achieved and presented in a simple and easy to understand fashion. However, what has made this beneficial for us is your Customer Support Team… more
Michele Sebasta – Smucker Foods


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