Cellular Customer Service Tips

I am sure that everyone has at one point in time experienced first hand a mobile customer service horror story when having to deal with their cellular carriers.


We know that dealing with Mobile Carriers is not always a positive experience! However – if you are prepared, know what to ask the Cellular Customer Service Representative and have a general idea of what to expect – it does not have to be all negative.

  • First thing to know – is that the cellular customer service rep that you are likely to first get on the phone is limited in what they can do. They have procedures to follow and a knowledge base to get their answers from. Also, they are very departmentalized – so depending on what you need to do, you may be looking at speaking to more then one department. It’s not because the first rep does not want to help you – they just Can’t – it’s the old “ it’s not my department” line and they have to pass you off!


  • Another tip is to remain polite and calm. Sometimes this can be very difficult, because generally when calling into a cellular customer service line it is because you have a problem – often a time sensitive and frustrating problem that is effecting your business right now.  However, in my experience – if you are polite and explain the issue  calmly to the customer service rep, they will sympathize with you and be more then willing to help. If you call and start yelling at them etc., the representative might get his or her back up and then you are likely not going to get what you want. So remember that customer service reps are most likely willing to help you with your problem but they are also not the ones who personally caused the problem.


  • Ask to speak to a Manager. If you feel that the representative that you are speaking to is not addressing your issue or is being rude, then do not hesitate to ask to speak with their manager. You may have to be on hold – however – once you get the manager on the line you can address your concerns that you experienced with the service rep as well as the cellular issue that you originally called in about.


  • Do not forget – ALWAYS get the Customer Service persons’ name and or ID number to reference back to. In the event that you need to call in again and explain your cell phone challenges.


  • Call Back in! Sometimes when you call into a mobile provider’s customer service department – no matter how polite you are – the representative is difficult to deal with and is not very willing to help. In a scenario like this – I would recommend hanging up and calling right back and getting a different rep to speak with. It is sometimes quicker than arguing your case with a difficult cellular representative.


REMEMBER! Your time is valuable, and if you have a mobile device issue, then your day and business has already been held up. Getting what you need done quickly and efficiently from your Client Care Representative  is the best way to get back on track and back to business!


Client Care Representatives can make managing your Communications so much Easier!

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