Changes and Alerts Report – Premium Data Usage Alerts

Do you have Premium Data Charges?


The Tele-Watch Changes and Alerts Report provides a great deal of information… but what should you know about Premium Data alerts?

Premium data comes in many forms, and can carry significant charges which are not covered by any plans offered from the carriers.

Some types of charges falling into this category are:

  • Downloads of music, games or ringtones
  • Sending of premium text messages for contest voting or polling (ie: tv shows)
  • Subscription services which send text messages directly to the user for fees of $0.25 up to $5.00 or more per message

Downloads are files that are browsed to by the user, and selected for download to the mobile device. These usually carry a one time charge for the file, and sometimes a service charge just for the privilege of accessing the file.

Premium messaging charges often result from the user sending a text to register a vote in a contest. This includes voting on TV shows like American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.

Subscription services are often Third Party Services which are inadvertently accessed and subscribed to because information on the applicable charges are listed in fine print.

  • These services send messages to the user at regular (often frequent) intervals, and charge the user a high fee per message.
  • These charges can be stopped by replying to a received message with “STOP” or “STOP ALL”.
  • However, as these messages arrive with the appearance of a regular text message, coupled with the fact that on corporate or business accounts the end user may not see the actual bill, a user may not be aware of the heaping charges they are incurring for these messages.

Cellular Customer Service & the Mobile Carriers themselves are reluctant to intervene between users and these third parties to resolve challenges on these charges, so staying on top of your billing on a monthly basis is imperative to keep mobile expenses in check.

Checking the Tele-Watch Changes and Alerts Report for Premium data alerts can reduce the impact of premium data charges and control mobile expenses.