Cold Fingers: Touch Screen Compatible Gloves

Touch Screen Gloves – Who Would Have Thought?

Lately around here, it has been bitter cold. Now call me a wuss, but when it is 30 below, I don’t like to go outside period, let alone go outside without being bundled up with hats, mitts and scarf.  However, for some touchscreen owners, those nice warm gloves that you have on make it very hard to, say, answer a call without taking off your glove.


For those who still have resistive touchscreen phones, this may not be a problem. Because this type of screen is activated by the pressure you apply to it, you can still use it with your gloves on,  or for more accuracy a stylus.  However, this is an older technology, and newer phones often use capacitive touchscreen.


The reason that your glove doesn’t work on this type of touchscreen is because instead of pressure, the screen is activated by detecting anything conductive, like your finger. Herein lies the problem.
Fortunately, there are solutions available.


Flip-top Mittens or Gloves:
I will admit, not very high tech, however effective. A quick flip and your digits are exposed and you can answer that call or text. No removal of the glove needed. However, your fingertips are still exposed to the cold.


Touchscreen Compatible Gloves:
You can buy gloves online that are touch screen capable.  They are made with conductive materials, either at the tip of the glove, or woven throughout the glove. However, they get mixed reviews, on comfort and effectiveness.


Capacitive Tips:
These crafty little tips allow you to convert your favorite pair of gloves into touch screen gloves.  There are many different types available, ranging from self-adhesive little dots, to ones that resemble little thumbtacks pinned through your gloves of choice.  This allows you to customize where the tip is to how you use your phone.  However,  these also come with mixed reviews, and there is a risk of the tips falling off and getting lost, or scratching your screen.


Finally, if you are crafty, you can make your own touchscreen compatible gloves fairly easily. To make your gloves capacitive friendly, you will need some conductive thread, which is most easily found online. What make this neat is the thread is conductive, but has the look and feel of a regular thread, so it shouldn’t scratch your screen.  The downside is,  you will likely have to buy a whole spool, but it will leave you with enough thread to do all of your gloves, or to share with your friends and family. The process is fairly easy, even if you aren’t handy with a needle and thread.


First, put on your gloves, and with a permanent maker or fabric marker, mark where your fingers are touching the screen. This will be your center mark.
Next, with a medium or heavy needle, thread the needle with your conductive thread and tie a knot in the end.


With the gloves off, using your mark as a guide, sew a square using horizontal stitches, about ¼ inch ( about ½ cm), depending on the size of your finger. Make sure you are pulling the stitch all the way through your glove, because your finger inside needs to make contact with the thread for this to work. Sew another square directly over top of this one, this time using vertical stitches (see below) .


Once this is done, tie off the thread, and trim.

What ever type you choose, just make sure your gloves aren’t wet and snowy when you answer you call.

Water on the screen can affect the sensor, and generally water and phones don’t mix.



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