1. How are services paid for?  Fees are paid monthly based on services selected at a per unit charge rate.

2. Am I required to sign a contract?  In order to secure the best pricing our agreements are based on a minimum 1 year terms.

3. Is my data secure?  All interaction on the Tele-Watch reporting portal is handled over bank grade 128 bit encryption for the maximum in security.

4. My communications are scattered between carriers, geography and accounts. Can I still benefit? Absolutely. One of the many benefits of the Tele-Watch reporting is the ability to compile data the way you need to see it. 

5. As the client what do I have to do each month? Once the setup to get access to the information is complete, we’ve established your policies for management, and setup your custom reporting; We  take it from there. We handle all aspects of the process while reducing your workload – not adding to it.

6. What if I have no corporate procurement policy? Companies with active and managed procurement policies run more efficiently and keep better control of their communications. As a new client we will guide you through the process and help you set up your policies. All part of our service.

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7. Is there a benefit to employees having access to this data? Companies that give visibility through the organization tend to cut further costs and cut usage abuse. As communications is a growing cost for most organizations, this visibility can often encourage personal accountability. Although it is recommended, of course the decision is yours.

8. How do you get access to the data from my accounts? In establishing your account, we will setup (if you have not already) online accounts with your carriers. 

9. Will I see a breakdown of savings? Yes, each audit period we will recommended changes, and show the savings the changes will generate.

10. Am I able to segregate data based on our needs regardless of carrier billings? Absolutely.

11. Are there any carriers that Tele-Watch reporting does not support? No, as long as online billing is available, we can help your organization.

12. How do we get started? Getting started is simple. In fact while we’re prepping all your account data we give you access to tour around the software and get comfortable. Generally we can have your company up and saving money within 30 days.

13. What size companies is the service good for? Although the large the mobile fleet, the more challenges we solve, all companies with 10 to thousands of units find the service beneficial.