Flex Rate Plans

Which Mobile Plan is Best for Your New Employee?

When a new employee is issued a phone, you are often left guessing as to what their usage will be like.  Putting a user on a low usage plan when the user actually is a high volume consumer can result in HUGE charges for additional minutes.  I have seen bills where a new user was put on a 100 minute plan, then used 450 minutes.  These additional minutes were billed at $.35 / minute… that means the additional usage cost the company $122.50 on one month of billing.


If you are looking to set up a new user and are not sure what their usage will demand, consider one of the Flex Rate plans.  The carriers have come out with some great plans that allow users or fleets of phones with varying usage  to be on plans that adjust automatically based on usage, and keep additional minute rates lower than many other plans.


The Telus version of the flex rate plan starts with 500 minutes for $40  (that means if someone uses all 500 minutes, they would effectively be paying $.08 per minute, which is better than what is offered by most plans.  Also of benefit with this plan is that if you exceed the 2,500 minutes – for which you would pay $90 (which reduces the per minute rate to less than $.04 per minute), then additional minutes are charged at just $.10.  Standard plans typically charge for each extra minute above their plan at rates of $.30 to $.40 per minute.


The only downfall of this plan is the long distance rate of $.35 per minute for both calling Canada to Canada, and Canada to the US.  As this is a flex rate plan, buying  a bucket of minutes may accommodate usage one month, but not another.  If users tend to be consistently using long distance, and exceed the 200 minute long distance add-ons available from Telus, it is definitely worth the peace of mind to add an Unlimited Long Distance feature.


I wish Telus offered something like the Rogers Preferred Rate long distance saver that was recently added to their options… more on that next time.


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