Free Blackberry Enterprise Server Express

Considering a BES Solution for your BlackBerry Fleet?

Did you know – that BlackBerry offers an inexpensive BES solution known as the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express – which is Free?


The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express version is very comparable to the professional BES version. 

Except  the Express version is FREE, while the professional BES version requires additional expensive software and requires you to pay for each user license (which can be purchased in large blocks if needed)  and you also have to use a more expensive Data Plan.



The Express Version is supported by the following email platforms:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Windows Small
  • Business Server
  • IBM Lotus Domain


Like the professional BES – BlackBerry Enterprise Server ; The Express version allows users to wirelessly sync Email, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks. As well as allows you to remotely manage your Email folders, Book Meetings, and edit in Word, Excel and Power Point documents. 

WOW – and did we mention it is a free service offered by BlackBerry?


Is there a catch? YES! 

You require a BlackBerry Smart Phone device and a BlackBerry Data Plan to use the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express!

The Express version will run on most BlackBerry data plans where as the professional BES version is limited to the BlackBerry Enterprise (BES) data plans, which in most cases are more expensive.


The BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express finally offers small and midsized businesses the flexibility that larger corporations have grown accustom to, with out the high price tag.


Want to compare the services for yourself? BlackBerry has put out a great comparison chart  for you to view the differences to see which platform makes the most business sense for your organization – BlackBerry Business Software Comparison Chart


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