Frustrating Customer Service

Frustrating Cellular Customer Service

In the course of a day I likely speak to a majority of the Cellular Communications Carriers several times each, and it still baffles me the frustrating things that I continually encounter.


My favourite of course is the SCHEDULED upgrade or maintenance in the middle of a business day that prevents them from being able to see or do anything on any account! Seriously – Who schedules an upgrade or maintenance at their busiest time the of day?

I can understand that systems go down and there is little you can do about it, but why schedule it that way – why not wait until less busy hours?


Or how about the representative that has no common sense at all?

It’s extremely frustrating to hear them ask you to go to a menu in your mobile phone device, when you just finished telling them that the cellular phone will not power on – it just does not make logical sense! After explaining that I am not able to power the unit on, I am told that if they are not able to go through the trouble shooting steps with me then I will have to call back later when I can… Aghh!


Sometimes I find that the Cellular Customer Service representatives are so programmed on what to say, and in what order to say it, that they are no longer helpful, since what they are saying or asking does not make any logical sense. I had a call the other day where the account that I had questions on happened to have a security pass code that I was not aware of, so understandably I was told that they could not help me. Then they ended the call by saying “Was I able to answer all your questions today?” – Really !!!


Another thing that a lot of the cellular service providers do that is very frustrating as a customer, is only allowing for a certain amount of time to answer your questions or to fix your problem. Now first of all, as a customer I had to call in and then wait my time on hold just to get to a representative (and I have been on hold for over 4 hours on 1 call before), the last thing I want to hear is “I am sorry, but I can only help you with issues on 2 numbers because I have to take the next call”.


When it comes to cellular customer service, I do not expect that all of the representatives that take my phone calls will have all the answers that I ask, however – I do expect that these trained client care associates try to do their best to help me, and to either find the answers that I am looking for or point me in the right direction.


Unfortunately at the time of this post I regret to advise that most of the Cellular Carriers seem to be in the same boat. It is sad to think that this has become an acceptable way to do business.


So I would just like to say that for those of you that are providing great customer service to your clients – I sincerely thank you!! Keep up the great work!


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