Getting the Most Out of Your Blackberry Battery

Is Your Blackberry Battery Dead Again?

Has this happened to you before?


You are on a call on the way home from work (and of course you are wearing your headset) , when you suddenly realize that you haven’t heard anything from the other party for a while (not a word or sigh).


Did you drop the call – were you driving through a Dead Zone  – did they hang up on you? Nope, Nope and Nope! You look at your Blackberry and realize with horror that your device is dead. UGH!


Instinctively, you grab for your car charger to give the battery a boost, and when it isn’t there, you realize that you have left it at work. This can’t be happening! You had just taken your blackberry off the home charger this morning! How can your phone be dead already? 


If this happens to you more often than not, or you just want to maximize the life of your battery, there are some simple things that you can do: 


  • Although it goes without saying, charge your Blackberry often.  Blackberry also recommends using the wall charger when ever possible, so if you have enough juice to get home, don’t use the car charger – wait until you are home and charge it then.
  • Your Backlight can use up a lot of your battery power. Try turning down the brightness and the backlight timer will help.  You may find that turning the backlight down to 60 is still manageable. You can do this by going into Options, and the Screen/Keyboard settings.
  • Try holstering your Blackberry when you are not using it. This will automatically turn off the LCD and will prevent it from turning on in your pocket or bag.
  • In the same menu as above you can turn off the audible scroll and key tones, if you haven’t done so already.
  • Turn off any connections, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Data, when you are not using them. That way your Blackberry isn’t constantly searching for those connections.
  • When you are done with an application, hit Esc instead of End. Hitting Esc will close the application, while hitting End leaves it running in the background ( use this too when exiting a browser!).  Also if you run any third party applications, log out of them when you are done – otherwise they are still open and using your battery resources.
  • Try reducing the volume or using headphones when ever possible.


Try a few of these battery saving suggestions, and watch how much longer your Blackberry lasts!


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