GILL Technologies Client Care Services

Come Experience Excellent Client Care Services!


Many of our clients come to us initially for Cost Savings and Cost Reduction as determined from an initial  Cost Audit. However – they continue to stay with us for our Client Care Services!


After a period of time some clients may start to take these savings for granted, however – they have come to realize that they can NOT live without the services of our Client Care Team – We become an extension of their company,  just like another department, which in turn reduces their internal costs and reduces the strain on internal resources.


Client Care is a single point of contact that knows your company! – We know your users by name, we know what type of hardware you like and what accessories you require with an order.


We take the frustration out of having to deal with Telecom issues – No need to contact your carrier, no waiting on hold and being transferred from Department to Department, which can be very time consuming and frustrating for anyone!


Things that we can help with….

  • Hardware issues – we will be your internal help desk
  • Feature problems
  • Account changes
  • New hardware Activations or Upgrades
  • Accessories
  • Travel Plans – making sure you are covered for traveling
  • Optimizing business communications
  • Mobile Device Management Tips

Anything you may have had to call your carriers for in the past can all be managed through your

Client Care Representative.


Clients submit their requests or inquiries for the support needed through Email, Phone or Tele-Watch, and our Client Care Team then goes to work on your (the client’s) behalf.


Client Care makes managing your Communications so much Easier!


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