GILL Technologies Cost Audit Services

Cost Reduction Communications Audit!


Most people understand that they are over paying for their Telecom Services.


However, there is a misconception that the carrier is looking out for you – and you guessed it …. they are not!


GILL Technologies offers a Cost Audit Service, that provides clients with better visibility into their Telecom expenses. Our team of analysis will review your billing Monthly, Quarterly or Annually depending on what suits your needs best. Did you know that a review of your current telecommunications spend can actually generate a savings of 20% to 50% – giving you and your Company reduced monthly charges from your current communications providers.


The scheduled Cost Audit will review for plan changes based on your Company’s trends and usage patterns. The Audit will also review your mobile plan features looking for options to add, remove or bundle your features to maximize savings, again based on the trends and usage of your Company. Our analysts will conduct a review for billing errors made by your carriers …. and the Carriers do make mistakes often! Essentially the Cost Audit can be used as a Cost Reduction strategy to help your organization with your Communications Management.


Having trained people review your billing will allow for maximized savings, and changes will be made on your account based on what is best for you and your organization, and not based on whatever plan or feature is being promoted or pushed by your carrier at that time.


Scheduled Audits will also be completed to make sure that your carrier is still offering you the best that they can, based on your business needs. A cross carrier review will be completed, comparing your current plans against other carriers’ plans, and then reported back to you with your options.


For a Cost Audit of your current Telecom Expenses please contact our Client Care Team or visit our site  GILL Technolgoies for more information on our Services.


Managing Communications Just Got Easier!!!


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