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Tele-Watch is our online reporting system for Wireless Expense Management. It provides online access to all your telecom billing and details.


Prior to Tele-Watch,  GILL Technologies produced hand delivered paper reports that were provided to our clients. Paper reporting evolved to sending PDF reports via email – WOW – we sure have come along way since those days!


GILL Technologies has been around since 2000, with the Tele-Watch Communications Management Software being developed and introduced to our clients in 2008. It has evolved since then and is continually evolving.

Many of the Tele-Watch reports have been developed based on different Client needs/requests. We listen to our Client’s feedback, and produce reports accordingly – if enough interest is there.


Tele-Watch provides you better Visibility into your accounts,

showing where your money is going – creating Accountability,

and highlights the areas that can produce Cost Reduction savings.


Access can be given to any individual and we can customize what information each user can see. So for instance if you would like each user to be able to see exactly what they are costing the company, we can set up each user access to see only their number where they can see their usage, costs etc providing accountability to the user – Some users may not be aware what they cost their company.


Access can be tailored to Managers; where they will be provided access to just the users that fall under them – It will allow them to see and monitor their users providing better visibility.


Admin access can be set up as well to those who need to see all accounts.


Many different reports are available including:

  • Top User – highlights top users in many different categories, such as total cost, weekend usage, daytime usage etc.
  • Calendar year to date – provides over view which compares month to month and year over year. – Showing break downs such as total long distance, total feature costs, etc.
  • Detail by User – shows Individual User summaries outlining usage and cost trends per user month over month
  • And many, many more….



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  2. GILL Technologies Reporting Services | Telecom Expense Management