GILL Technologies Unveils Its New Web Presence

Website emphasizes Visibility, Accountability and Simplicity in Communications Management

Peterborough, Canada, Tampa, FL and Auburn, CA: GILL Technologies’ new website went live today. The site significantly expands and reorganizes information to help current and potential clients explore the company’s services.

The new site sorts information according to GILL Technologies’ overall mission. The “Visibility” browsing stream explores the company’s telecommunications expense management and auditing services, explaining how the company saves clients up to 50% on their telecom, cellular and IT expenses. The “Accountability” category presents GILL Technologies’ proprietary Communications Management software, which allows clients to trace telecommunications expenses through a simple, web-based interface. The “Simplicity” stream takes browsers through the company’s Customer Service program. They can learn how GILL Technologies provides client care and procurement services for every major brand and carrier.

Visitors can also browse the site through a specific service category. GILL Technologies’ services encompass mobile phones, traditional telecom, IT and conferencing. The company also directs a Partner Program, where independent businesses can bring the company’s expertise to local businesses.

In addition to significantly updating the company’s internet presence, the new site represents further growth for the GILL family of businesses. Sister company GILL Media ( redesigned the site according to principles that have allowed it to help businesses of all sizes enhance their online marketability.

“The new site brings together the competencies that make the GILL Solutions family so successful,” said GILL Technologies president George Gill. “Best of all, we’re presenting our services according to the qualities we want to enhance in client businesses. The Visibility, Accountability and Simplicity principles are an elegant way to describe our vision – for ourselves, and for our customers.”

Established in 2000, GILL Technologies provides a “Total Communication Solution” for businesses of all sizes. Clients range from small businesses simply looking to save on their communications costs to large enterprises that want comprehensive solutions. Over 3000 clients across North America bear witness to the effectiveness of GILL Technologies’ products and services.

Find out more about GILL Technologies’ communications services through its no-risk, money saving Cost Auditing service at


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    GILL Technologies Unveils Its New Web Presence…

    Website emphasizes Visibility, Accountability and Simplicity in Communications Management…