Great Cell Phone for Seniors – Doro PhoneEasy

A Mobile Device easy enough for anyone to use!

This little phone is geared primarily for seniors and has been getting great reviews!


The Doro PhoneEasy simply put – is a simple to use mobile device packed full of great features – so simple that anyone can use it!

In Canada – the Doro cell phone is offered on the Rogers Wireless Network.

The Doro PhoneEasy 410gsm offers:

  • Large, clear keypad with separated keys
  • Large, easy to read color display
  • Extra loud handset volume +35dB
  • Bluetooth for wireless headset or neckloop
  • FM radio
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Vibrating ringer
  • SMS so you can also send and receive text messages


As pointed out already – this phone is very easy to use and believe it or not – it is not cluttered with extra gadgets that can be intimidating to many users.


Unique you say? – YES it is!

But wait…  It gets even better!


In the event of an Emergency there is an Emergency Button to push.

  • It is equipped with an emergency button on the back of the unit
  • The Emergency Call function must be activated before use.
  • When an emergency call is activated the phone is pre-set to hands free mode
  • The phone will send an emergency SMS text message to all phone numbers in the Emergency numbers list
  • The phone will then dial the first number on the list.
  • If the call is not answered within 25 seconds, the next number is dialed.
  • Dialing is repeated 3 times or until the call is answered, or until the  is pressed.


Wow – All that power in one little easy to use mobile device, and it is a World Phone too – great for travelers of all ages!


Simplicity and Peace of Mind all in one  –  Know that your aging Co-workers, or elderly loved ones will be able to reach you in an emergency situation.


Contact our Client Care Team by email:

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and see if this Mobile Device is right for someone in your Organization or Family!