Handset Insurance Programs

Know What you’re getting with Handset Insurance!

Handset protection programs seem to be available in some way shape or form through most of the North American carriers however each one is different and some are not as good as they may sound – so do your due diligence!


Before you decide to purchase an insurance or protection plan from any Cellular Phone carrier make sure that you read the fine print of what is covered and what is not , among the standard legal garble including incidents caused by Terrorists some plans also exclude things like – Abuse, misuse, or intentional acts as well as scratches or incidents that were caused by computer viruses leaving lots of  loop holes to refuse replacement.


Also it is good to check to make sure that the program is available to your account type – some carriers do not offer the service to corporate accounts or to prepaid accounts – as well as not all handset models are covered.  Hmm… food for thought in the decision making process.


Another thing to look for is what handset will you be eligible to have as a replacement – just because they said they will replace it does not mean that they will replace your device with the same or even similar device – some mobile carriers offer $0.00 replacement phones – however – they are very basic entry level handsets and you will not be happy when they replace your Blackberry Torch with a basic flip phone! 


Below are a few Handset Protection / Insurance Plan options offered thru various Mobile Carriers –

You can inquire about them with your Cellular Customer Service rep. 


* $7.00 per month per line
* Must be purchased with in 30 days of purchasing phone
* Covers most cell phones, Smartphones, MIKE’s and Internet sticks Loss, theft, accidental Damage, mechanical failures outside manufacturers warranty
**NOTE** Device protection plan in Quebec and Newfoundland does not cover lost or stolen devices
* Claims handled through Asurion
* Replacement handsets may be used ot refurbished and only a comparable model not necessarily the same model
* There is a $40.00, $80.00 or $150.00 NON refundable “service request fee” depending on the replacement model chosen
* Maximum 2 replacement requests in any 12 month period


* Must be purchased within 15 days of purchasing phone
* 2 options

  1. Plus Plan $4.00 per month per phone
  2. Premium $7.00 per month per phone

* Plus plan covers anything that would normally be covered under warranty but covers it past the manufactures 12 months

* Premium Plan covers all that Plus plan covers + liquid damage, physical damage, lost or stolen, power surge, wear and tear

* There is a $50.00 fee for a replacement cell phone and $150.00 fee for a replacement smartphone
* Defective must be returned with in 5 days of receiving the replacement hardware – if the unit is not returned you will be charged an additional $100.00 fee for cell phones and an additional $300.00 for smartphones
* Claims handled through Asurion
* Excludes Internet sticks and Corporate accounts


* Program is free to all post paid Rogers customers
* Program includes all cell phones, smartphones and Internet sticks
* Program includes lost, stolen or damaged handsets
* In the event your handset is broken and out of warranty Rogers will provide you a discount to the repair costs or a $0.00 replacement option
* $0.00 replacement option is available for clients that have lost or had their device stolen
* $0.00 replacement options is a basic handset and will not necessarily be the same as the unit you are replacing or even have the same features
* In order to take advantage of the program you must have a minimum of 12 months remaining on your agreement or your agreement will be extended to 12 months


* Must be purchased with in 14 days of purchasing phone
* 3 options

  1. Premium Handset Protection bundle – $7.99 per month per phone, includes Insurance, warranty and mobile security, covers, loss, theft, damage, malfunction
  2. Premium Handset Protection Insurance $4.79 per month per phone, includes insurance and mobile security, covers, loss, theft, damage
  3. Premium handset Protection Warranty $3.99 per month per phone, includes warranty, covers malfunction

* 2 claims in a 12 month period
* Service warranty processing fees apply
* Deductible fees apply that are hardware dependant
* If the same make or model is not available a like kind model will be used
* Claims handled through Asurion


* Must be purchased within 30 days of purchasing phone

  1. Phones: $6.99 per month – $45.00 non refundable deductible per claim & only 2 claims in 12 month period
  2. Smartphones: $6.99 per month – $99.00 non refundable deductible per claim & only 2 claims in 12 month period
  3. Tablets and other Devices: $10.99 per month – $129.99 non refundable deductible per claim (on Tablets) / $169.99 non refundable deductible per claim (for the 16gb iPhone 4) / $199.99 non refundable deductible per claim (for the 32gb iPhone 4) & only 2 claims in 12 month period

* Program covers lost, stolen, accidental damage or malfunction
* Claims handled through Asurion
* Replacements are same model or comparable
* Program excludes Apple iPad


* $4.99 per month per phone

* Must be purchased within 30 days of purchasing phone
* Program covers loss, theft, accidental damage, malfunction
* $50.00 /$125.00 non refundable deductible
* 2 claims in 12 month period
* Replacements are same model or comparable
* Claims handled through Asurion


So to wrap up – please ensure that you really understand what you’re buying when it comes to Handset Insurance and Protection Plans  (read the fine print & ask questions before purchasing).


Consider this Rule of Thumb with regards to insurance & protection plans (I thought it fitting to note) – You should only insure the things that you can’t afford to replace!


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