Handsfree Options for Cellphones and Smartphones

Have you chosen your Handsfree Option?

While more and more areas are making talking/texting while driving illegal,  it is in good practice to not talk on your cell phone or text while driving.  


Lucky for us there are many options that allow us to still do what we need to do with our mobile devices while on the raod and still stay safe – Of course check your local laws for specific details –


Here are a few options:
Bluetooth headsets – if your cell phone is bluetooth compatible then a bluetooth headset is a very good option. There are lots of styles etc to choose from in varying price ranges.


Bluetooth speaker phone – also requires a cell phone that is bluetooth compatible, and  generally they would attach to your sun visor or dash. Some are even sophisticated enough to read/write you your emails and texts while you drive.


Speaker phone – some cell phones and smart phones have speaker phone capability  – however sound quality is sometimes an issue, and you are still required to answer the call and then place on speaker.


Wired headset – most cell phones have the capability of using a wired headset  – they also come in various styles to suit your preference,  however having a wire going from the phone to your ear is sometimes cumbersome while driving.


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