Having Hardware issues?

What to Expect With Hardware Issues!

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Having your mobile phone broken is inconvenient to say the least.
If you know what to expect it may lesson the frustration just a bit.
Here are a few things to look for,
A few Points to consider,
A few tips to lighten the frustration load.
Good Luck!
  • Check for Water Damage – In the back of most cellular phone devices there is a small sticker under the battery that is generally white. However, it will turn red if the unit has water damage – Water damage can cause a variety of symptoms and will not be covered under your manufactures warranty!
  • Issues with Physical Hardware – Cracked screens, speaker issues, buttons not working etc! Some of these issues may be covered under your manufactures warranty;  most cellular phones and smart phones have a 1 year warranty. Did you know that there are many 3rd party repair centres as well, to handle any out of warranty issues? When considering a repair centre – Check to make sure the quote is free as some will charge a fee to look at the unit even if you decide not to fix the unit
  • Loaner Phone Program – Some carriers as well as some service centres, will offer a loaner phone program where they will set you up with a temporary replacement unit while your unit is being replaced or repaired – Keep in mind that some service centres can take a week or two (or more) before your unit is repaired and sent back to you – so a loaner phone may be a good option.
  • What to Keep – If you are sending your mobile device to a repair centre or back to the provider for repair / replacement, you will want to make sure to keep your SIM card and any memory cards that you have in your phone – as you will likely not get them back. Also, if the phone is functioning and able to do a back of your information – you should do this before sending your phone in for service, because in most cases the information stored in your phone will be lost.
  • Check for Upgrade Eligibility – If the repair is too expensive then you should check with your carrier to see if you are eligible for an upgrade, or qualify for any early upgrade programs that will allow you to get a new handset at a discounted price.
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