Horror Story of the Week: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Activation Problems

3 Simple BES Tips for a Smooth Activation

There are a great many benefits to using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server in your company, including helping to improve IT productivity, the ability to sync and manage your corporate email, and the advanced security that it offers.


If you are the IT designate managing the cellular device fleet for your company, you may have had to handle a BES email activation a time or two, and chances are they have gone smoothly.


But what happens if it doesn’t go so smoothly? Heaven forbid you find yourself in this situation:

You have just upgraded a user to a BlackBerry cell device, and are about to activate her on your company’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server.  You have spoken with the BES administrator, and they have given you the activation password and all that is left is to punch in the password.  Except when you do, you get an error message.  Unfazed, you try it again. Same message. 

Perplexed, you check the browser, to make sure you are connected.  The page loads without a problem and you are able to cycle through a few web pages. Convinced it is not your connectivity, you try again. No luck.  

You pull the battery out, hoping that rebooting the phone will solve the problem. Only when the phone boots back up the activation icon has disappeared. 

You try downloading the service books again, and you get your icons back,  but the activation still won’t go through. 

Frustrated, you stare at the phone. You have exhausted every idea you can think of and still the email will still not activate. Now what?… 


While the software’s benefits may greatly out weigh an occasional problem, dealing with BlackBerry challenges can still be a great inconvenience to your company, costing you time, man power, and money.

If you have unfortunately found yourself in a situation like this, there are some things that may help.

  • Check your activation password.

While it may seem almost too simple, double check that you are putting in the password correctly. Typos happen to to the best of us!

  • Call your Cell provider.

Have the cellular customer service agent make sure that the BlackBerry has the correct  BES data plan on it, and then confirm that there are no blocks that may prevent the activation to go through. While you are on the phone, ask them to do a refresh on the device or a resend to switch. Sometimes refreshing things on their end will resolve the problem. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, they may transfer you to tech support and have you troubleshoot with them there.

  • Talk to your BES Administrator.

If the issue can’t be resolved with your cell carrier’s tech support, then they will likely tell you to talk to your BES Administrator.  They will talk with your carriers BES team and try and resolve the issue on their end, and get your user activated on the server as smoothly as possible.


When it comes to BlackBerry management, knowing how to solve occasional challenges is key.

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