Horror Story Of The Week: Removing IT Policies From a BlackBerry

2 Simple Strategies to Remove an IT Policy From a Used BlackBerry

Hopefully you never find yourself in a situation like this: 


A few days ago, one of your employees came to you with a broken Blackberry that needed replacing. 


Unfortunately, they were not eligible for an upgrade yet. 


Fortunately, you were able to secure a used device from the neighboring business, who had recently switched carriers and mobile devices. 


You wiped the device (removed the previous stored information), swapped the SIMs (removed the previous card & inserted your  user’s SIM) and then had that user set a device password. 


So far all is good.  


That is, until they decide to swap over their emails.  They try and try, then pass it off to you, where you stare frustrated, after numerous attempts and mobile device wipes on your part. At this point you almost feel like you have wasted money on a useless device and will still have to find a new phone for your user. 


You see, what you didn’t realize was that your friendly neighboring business used a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, where you do not. And while they, meant no frustration or ill will when offering you the device, they left their IT policies on the device, causing you endless frustration. In terms of mobile device management, this can be a nightmare.


Now before you smash the Blackberry Smartphone against the wall, there are a couple of options you can use to remove the policy and wipe the device clean.

  • Create a Blank IT policy

If you are still friendly with the neighboring business, or say an employee is leaving and would like to take their phone, an IT policy can be removed by replacing it with a blank IT policy.
Before the phone has been removed from the server, have the IT designate create a blank IT Policy, then assign it to the device. This should then allow the user to download apps, and set up their email.

  • Wipe the phone using loader.exe

Perhaps your friendly neighboring business has moved and is no longer available. Or perhaps you found the phone on eBay.

Regardless, having a blank IT policy put onto the phone is not really a viable option for you.


Fear not! There is a solution for you too.  


There is a handy-dandy application that was downloaded with your Blackberry Desktop Software that can help.

  • Keep in mind, this will completely wipe the phone ( again!), so if there is anything on the phone that you would like to not lose, make sure you do a back up.
  • Start by plugging the  device into the computer.
  • Next you will want to open the command prompt by going to Start, then Run, then CMD.
  • In the box, type c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader , then hit Enter.
  • Type LOADER.exe/resettofactory into the next box then hit enter.
  • The phone will do it’s thing for a minute or two, and once it has reset – the IT policies should be gone.
  • You may notice as well that this also removes the password lock, so you will have to set that up again.

And just like that, your employee is back in business with their newly replaced cellular phone device, and you are saved from having to shell out for a new phone.


** Note **: We do not recommend doing this to company owned  phones with active BES servers on them.  



Having access to mobile device management tips can turn a frustrating situation into an adaptable experience.

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