Horror Story of the Week: Replacing Broken Hardware

Replacing Broken Hardware – Imagine yourself in this situation:

Say you have just done a hardware upgrade for one of your employees. They have new hardware and are in a new contract. Normally this process is simple. You pass off the hardware, get their email switched over, if applicable and send them on their merry way.  But what happens if your simple process, ends up being not-so-simple?

Imagine yourself in this situation:

You have just passed off new hardware to an employee. After a quick set up, you send them on their way and you return to what you were doing and don’t think much about their phone again. That is until you get a call. The employee has a problem with their phone.
In some unfortunate twist of fate, your employee dropped his phone and sent in skittering across the parking lot into a puddle, directly in the path of a company truck in the process of reversing. What remains of the phone is now sitting in an unrecognizable heap on your desk…  

Now what?  You are only hours into the new contract, and your employee needs new hardware  ASAP.  Aside from paying full price for a new phone, what other options do you have?

  • Use an older Mobile Handset (Hand-me-down).

Chances are you have some old hardware kicking around from other users. If it is in good working order, probably the simplest and most cost effective way is to pass off that hardware to your new employee. Just get them to stick the SIM card in, or if you don’t have a SIM card based phone, call your carrier and get them to swap it over ( note: Make sure that the phone is not active before you swap it over) Even if you only plan to use this option as a temporary stop gap, your employee has a phone, and at little cost to your company.

  • Upgrade another user.

Maybe you don’t have any spares handsets kicking around.  Another option is to check the other mobile devices on your account. Chances are you will find someone who is eligible for upgrade. Upgrade that user, get your new hardware, and pass it off to the user who needs the hardware. Or if that users’ hardware is in good shape, upgrade the user, they get new hardware, and pass off the old hardware to the employee with the broken phone.  ( Note: In order to avoid Data cancellation fees, that is if you need a smartphone, make sure you upgrade an eligible user who has a smartphone already)

  • Send it in for repair.

While this might not be the cheapest option, as long as the phone is whole, and hasn’t gotten wet, you can try and have the phone repaired.  Because any physical damage will have voided your warranty, you will be responsible for any repair costs. Generally, the repair centers will send you a repair quote, however if you choose to deny the quote, you may still be charged an assessment fee and/or a return fee.

  • Talk to your Carrier/ Corporate rep.

Programs, like carrier insurance programs, sometimes exist that can allow you to purchase or replace your mobile phone at a more cost effective or reduced price. These options often need to be purchased with the phone, so may be added as a preventative measure.


While this sort of accident is hard to account for, these options do exist to help minimize mobile device management costs.  And if this has never happened to you, maybe keep a tip or two in the back of your mind, and keep crossing your fingers that it never does.


Comment below and tell us, if you have any other mobile device management tips that would help out in this situation!


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