Horror Story of the Week: When Devices Won’t Connect.

4 Steps to Solving Cellular Device Connection Issues

Does your company’s Cellular fleet include mobile Internet Devices?


Imagine a situation like this:

You have just ordered a new Internet device for an employee, and are about to set the unit up. You take it out of the box, pop in a SIM, turn the device on, get it set up on your computer and open your Internet browser.  


Except you aren’t able to connect.


You check your new device, it’s on, and your computer detects it, so you try again, this time keeping your eye on the device. 

There is a glimmer of hope when the “connected” light comes one, only to be immediately squashed when it goes out a second later.
You try, again this time turning the device off, before plugging it back in and trying to connect.
No luck.  Just a quick flicker of connection before immediately disconnecting.
It has become personal now. The coy little wink of light has become a taunt.
Again and again you try to connect with no avail, until finally all you want to do is throw the blasted device out the window….


Has this happened to you? No? Good. Hope that it never does.

However, if you happen to find yourself staring at a mobile Internet device that has no desire to do it’s job here are a few things that may help:

  • Do some basic trouble shooting.

While it may seem like a no brainer, it may entirely be the root of your problem. Make sure the SIM is in correctly,  make sure the cell device is properly charged (in case it won’t turn at all), and pull the battery out ( if applicable) before trying to connect again.

  • Double check the SIM.

Make sure that the SIM card that is in your cellular device, is the active SIM card. Just call your carrier and ask them to confirm the SIM card on that particular cell number. If it is not the same,  from there you can either find the active SIM and pop it in, or change the active SIM to the one that you already have in your device.

  • Confirm the Data Plan.

There are multitudes of mobile internet devices out there, and often they require a specific data plan. Call your cellular carrier and ask them if the correct data plan for your device is on the line. Also make sure that there are no blocks preventing it from connecting.
If you have an active cellular device of the same make that is working, ask the rep to change the data plan to the same one as the active unit.

  • Call Tech Support.

If all else fails, call your carriers technical support line. They will be able to trouble shoot with you over the phone, and hopefully get the device up and running for you.  If not, they can give you a ticket number, and potentially get a warranty replacement, or at least have the unit sent in for repair.


When it comes to cellular and mobile device management, you are sometimes faced with device troubles. While still frustrating, knowing how to quickly resolve the issues not only saves you time, but saves you fetching the lost cellular device, from out of the window (after you have tossed it).


Share some of your Cellular Device Mishaps with us!

We look forward to your comments, and feedback.


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