How to avoid Cancellation fees with Conversion Credits

Avoiding Cancellation Fees with Negotiated Conversion Credits

In business today there is a lot of push from the mobile carriers/providers to get your business. In some cases there are great cost reductions to be had by moving from your current service provider to a new Mobile carrier. However – you may be reluctant to change, due to still having 2 years left on your current service agreement, that will carry a hefty cancellation fee and in the end eat up your savings moving to the new provider. Therefore, not making it a wise mobile expense management decision.

If you are in the early stages of negotiating with new carrier, make sure that they are willing to include a conversion credit to offset the cancellation fees that you will incur moving to their service. In most cases the service provider trying to get your business will be happy to offer you a conversion credit to cover most of the cancellation fees that you may incur.


Some carriers will ask for the total cancellation fee you are looking at by leaving your existing provider and will provide you a lump sum to cover those costs.

Other carriers will provide you with a per unit conversion credit which is paid out over a couple of months on your new mobile device billing statements. In this case, sometimes you can actually get more of a credit than what the true cancellation fees may have cost you, which is a definite bonus.


Either way make sure that you ask about conversion credits, and if it is not part of the proposal then negotiate it into your new agreement!


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