How to Back-Up Data on Your Blackberry

Backing Up Your Blackberry Data!

There are several reasons why you may lose data on your Blackberry and none of them are usually planned.


It is a good idea to back up the data on your Blackberry regularly to minimize the problems when something happens to your device.



  • Connect Blackberry to Computer with USB cable
  • Launch Blackberry Desktop Manager
  • Select Device > Back up
  •             – to back up ALL Data select Full Back up
  •             – to back up ALL But EMAIL select Quick Back up
  •             – to select what data to back up select Custom Back up
  •             – to back up data in the On Board Memory of the Blackberry select – Files Saved on my built in media storage
  • Click BACK UP




  • Connect Blackberry to Computer with USB
  • Launch Desktop Manager
  • Select – Device > Restore
  • Select the file that you want to Restore
  • ** NOTE ** All files on the Black Berry will be deleted before a back up file is restored
  •             – to Restore ALL Data select Full Restore
  •             – to select what data to restore select Custom Restore
  • Select RESTORE  


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  1. Staying connected to SOM and your business through a blackberry? Need to back it up but don't know how?