How to Backup or Restore BlackBerry Messenger Contact List!

Backup or Restore your BlackBerry Messenger Information

Did you know that:

BlackBerry Messenger has a few ways to back up & restore your BlackBerry Messenger information?

This can include:

  • Your contacts,
  • Your profile,
  • Your group memberships


  1. BlackBerry Messenger > Options
  2. Contact List section, select Back Up

Back up files remotely: This will back up wirelessly (this will require a registered email address).


Back up files locally: This will back up locally to device memory or a media card.



  1. BlackBerry Messenger >menu > Options.
  2. Contact List, select Restore.

Restore using email: This will restore the contact list via the registered email address chosen in the backup stage.


Restore using a backup file from the device: This  will restore the contact list via the backup saved locally in the device memory or on a media card.


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  1. How to Backup or Restore BlackBerry Messenger Contact List! | Telecom Expense Management – Mozilla Firefox

  2. i received this mail but i don’t know if i can still restore my contacts on my new BBM because my old phone is bad already’,so how do i restore it my contact list .here is the message below:


    Thank you for using BlackBerry Messenger. To help prevent unauthorized use of this email address, we need to confirm its ownership. Please ensure that your BlackBerry is turned on to complete the registration. This email will be automatically processed by BlackBerry Messenger. Please do not delete this email until registration occurs.
    If this email is in your Junk mail folder, mark it as “Not Junk”. On your BlackBerry Messenger profile screen, click the email address you are trying to register and use the menu key to send the registration again.

    Thank you,

    • Amy Prete says:

      If you backed up your contacts prior to getting a new phone then a regular back up should still restore them. The email that you received is just a confirmation that you are who you say you are and that your email address is really you.

  3. patrick jere says:

    cant restore my lost blackberry messanger contacts list

    • How can I get back my old contick

      • Amy Prete says:

        If a back up was done then your contact list should be intact
        1.BlackBerry Messenger >menu > Options.
        2.Contact List, select Restore.

  4. Margaret Barry says:

    Good day My phone did a security wipe and i lost all my contact on BBM. Is there a way of getting them back?

    • Amy Prete says:

      If you had a back up stored on your computer you can sync the Blackberry and restore the contacts – however if there is no back up then unfortunately they contacts have been lost.

  5. Ann Austin says:

    I can’t find back up mangement column on my phone again *sad*

  6. Ann Austin says:

    Need my Back up managemnt column back

  7. On my previous version of BBM, the “back up management” menu is available, but in the latest version (v. where we can do voice chat, bbm music etc, the back up management menu is not exist. Pls anyone tell me how to back up my BBM contact regularly as I used to do using the previous version? Thank you

    • Amy Prete says:

      with Blackberry 7 there is no back up option it is done automatically through your Blackberry ID.

  8. Holy crap, BlackBerry Messenger looks Very Magnificent! I can’t wait for this thing to come out on iPhone! So Fab!

  9. Natasha says:

    How do i get the verification email sent to my gmail to restore my contacts? No email is being received at all pls advise

    • Amy Prete says:

      If your Gmail address is the email you used to set up your Blackberry ID and your Blackberry is currently not receiving emails you may can access your Gmail from another computer – however if you are not receiving any emails you may have an issue with your device or your plan and should speak with your carrier.