How to Change Your App User Data Settings on Your Blackberry

Are Your Blackberry Apps Accessing Your Personal Information?

Let’s face it, trying to protect your personal information in today’s world is a huge issue.

You’ve changed the privacy settings on your FaceBook account, have all of your passwords encrypted, and have your computer Firewalled and protected and against Ad-Ware, Spyware, and every other type of ware you can think of.

Heck, even your Blackberry is password protected.

You have done everything in your power to make sure your personal information is protected and safe…. or so you thought. 

You might be missing one sneaky culprit: Your Blackberry Apps.


Often when downloading apps ( particularly the free ones), we just whiz through the screen prompts and pay them no nevermind (thinking  that “I have read the Term and Conditions” button – who really  reads them before agreeing?), but by blindly agreeing we may be letting these apps access the personal information stored on our Blackberry ( Eek!)


Aside from deleting all of your Apps and reinstalling them to change the permissions, how can you stop their access?

Quite simply, in fact.


For OS 6 users:

  • Go to Options,
  • then Device,
  • then Application Management
  • Hit the Menu button,
  • then go to Edit Default Permissions
  • On this screen – click User Data, and change it to Deny.
  • Done.

If you are running a lower OS, the process might be a little different:

  • Go to Options,
  • then Applications,
  • then hit the Menu button
  • You should be able to see Edit Default Permissions, and can change it from there.
  • If you can’t find Applications under Options, look under Advanced Options, and you should find it there.

This should stop the apps from accessing your information.  Keep in mind, there is a chance that changing the App data settings may prevent it from working, but generally this is not the case.


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