How to Reduce Data Roaming on an iPhone

How to Reduce Your Data Roaming Charges on Your iPhone While Traveling Abroad


If you have an iPhone and are travelling outside your home country you will incur data roaming charges – here are a few tips to lower these costs!


Turn Fetch new Data off – Instead of having data pushed to your device automatically, Check your email and calendar manually controlling the flow of data to your device thus reducing the amount of data used.

To turn the feature off:

  • Go to Settings
  • Mail, Contact, Calendar
  • Fetch new data
  • Change push to off and select Fetch manually.


Use Wi-Fi – If Wi-Fi is available to you then use it!! It is commonly available in most airports, hotels and restaurants. Use it to check your emails and browse internet sites without incurring the roaming charges.


Turn Data Roaming off – To turn data roaming on and off:

  • Go to settings
  • General
  • Network
  • Data Roaming
  • Download the latest version of iPhone software from iTunes
  • By default the international data roaming will be off


Consider purchasing an international data package – Most carriers offer some sort of reduced rate roaming package that can be added to your mobile phone plan for a preset amount of time to reduce the per KB roaming rate or to give you a block of international data to use.


Keep track of the data you have used – Reset your usage tracker to zero when you arrive at your destination. This will allow you to keep track of how much data you have used, to help estimate the data charges that you are incurring so you do not have any surprises when your bill comes.

To reset the tracker:

  • Go to settings
  • General
  • Usage
  • Reset


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  1. Johnny Ixe says:

    You can use DataMan iPhone app to monitor your data use in real time. You can also define 4 custom usage thresholds. You will be notified when you exceed the thresholds. This will help to stop additional charges on your bill. You can find DataMan in the App Store.

  2. Sara Harris says:

    Thank you – the first time I took my iPhone abroad my monthly bill went from $80 – $900!! Very expensive experience. I belatedly found out that AT&T would have reimbursed a lot of that – during the early days of generation 1. Not now!
    Now I use wi-fi as much as possible and Skype or Viber for calls and Whatsappmessenger for texts – very much more affordable!