How to Restore a Lost Icon on Your Blackberry.

Lost a Blackberry Icon – Now What?


It’s happened to us all. 

You are looking through your BlackBerry menu and suddenly you realize that you can’t find your email icon. You are sure you didn’t delete it, but the icon that was once there is now gone. 

How do you get it back? 


Chances are, all that has happened is that the icon has been hidden. 

  • Hit your menu button – the BlackBerry key  
  • Then select  “Show All” or “Unhide”

Voila! All of your icons are now showing in your menu. 


But what if your icon doesn’t show up? Now what? 

Before you panic, try restoring your theme defaults. 

  • Go into “Options”
  • Then into “Themes” 
  • Then select “Restore Theme Defaults” 

OK – Your missing icon should now be seen.


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  1. How to Restore a Lost Icon on Your Blackberry | Telecom Expense Management

  2. I restore my blackberry app and blackberry massanger both,but i lost my icon for both,I’m not able to find it anywhere can u please help me in this situation

    • The icons could just be hidden you can try Menu>Show all – that should un-hide any icons – If that does not work you can go to options>Themes>restore theme defaults.-
      Hopefully that restores your missing icons