How to Send a Video using BlackBerry

Simple Steps to Share a Video using Your BlackBerry.


If you have ever recorded a Video on your BlackBerry Smartphone and have considered sharing it with your family and friends, you now have a few options available for sharing…..


If you have just recorded the video and now want to share it:

  • Select the Envelop Icon – you will see a menu with different options to send.


If it is a video that you have previously recorded, and now have decided to share:

  • Go to the Media Folder and then Options
  • Highlight the video that you wish to share and select Send from the menu
  • Then select the send option you wish to use.


Options to share:

  • Upload to YouTube – allows you to upload your video directly to You Tube
  • Email – this will allow you to attach your video to a new email message
  • Messenger Contact – this will allow you to send your video to a contact(s) via Blackberry messenger
  • Bluetooth – allows you to transfer your video file over Bluetooth to another Bluetooth enabled device that you are paired to.


** NOTE **

  • Additional charges could apply for sending video files with your BlackBerry Smartphone
  • Check with your Cellular Customer Service / Phone carrier to confirm your plan covers Video Sharing


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