How to set up a VPN for Your iPhone!

Would You Like to Set-Up a VPN Connection for Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

Connecting to the Internet on an iOS device (devices designed and marketed by Apple Inc) is fairly simple.

Just use any application that uses the internet, and you’re riding the gravy train.


However, if you happen to use a Virtual Private Network ( VPN), then life may not be so good for you and your mobile device.

You may have to configure your devices, so that they can work on these types of networks.


How to Set Up the VPN:


  • Go into Settings,
  • then General,
  • then Network,
  • then VPN
  • Select Add VPN Configuration
  • Enter the VPN settings – you may have to get these from your Network Administrator, however – if you have set up the VPN on your computer, you can often use these same settings.


Note: If you are still having trouble connecting to mobile devices to your VPN or if you get a “ Shared Secret is missing” message, there might be an error in your settings. Just double check them with your IT designate or your network administrator.


Once the VPN has been set up and you are connected, you should see a little VPN icon in your status bar.


If you go into the Settings screen, you should now see a little slide bar, which allows you to toggle the network on and off.


If you have more than one VPN you would like to set up and use, you can switch between them:

  • Go to the Settings Menu,
  • then General,
  • then Network,
  • then VPN,
  • Now you should see your VPN networks and can select the one you would like to use.


Note: – iOS 3.0 or later can use VPN On Demand and VPN Proxy configurations.


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