How to Tether your Smartphone to the BlackBerry Playbook

Tethering your Smart Phone and BlackBerry Playbook!

For some, part of the perk of sitting down in your favorite coffee shop with your ‘For Here, Grande, Non-Fat, No Water, 180 Degrees, Chai Tea Latte’ is connecting your BlackBerry Playbook to the available Wifi network and browsing the web while you enjoy your drink. Your latte isn’t quite the same without perusing your recent emails or perhaps catching up on the latest celebrity gossip).  Best part is that you aren’t using the data included in your plan! (hmmm…. maybe now is a good time to download those large files…)


While connecting to Wi-fi is great, it may not always be convenient, particularly if you live in a more rural area( Wifi hotspots can be few and far between) or if you are on the move( while it might be nice, all day in the shop is probably not in the cards).

Since the BlackBerry Playbook was released in a Wi-fi version only, this might pose a problem for you.

Until, of course, you tether it to your smartphone! But I don’t have a Blackberry smartphone, you say. Fear not, as any smartphone can tether to the Playbook, using your phones data connection.

Here is how:


Before you do anything, confirm with your service provider that your data plan, as well as your device, allows for tethering. This will just help avoid some nasty surprises for the person in charge of your mobile expense management.

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both your tablet and your smartphone
  • To turn it on on your Playbook, go to Settings,
  • Then Internet Tethering
  • Then hit “Turn-on”

You may have to pair your Smartphone to your playbook

  • Go to Settings
  • Then Bluetooth
  • Then Search for New Device
  • You should see your smartphone populate in your list.


Once your device is paired

  • Go to Settings
  • Then to Internet Tethering
  • You should see your paired device here.
  • Tap it to connect
  • From the drop down, select your service provider and
  • Hit connect

Voilà! You should now be connected!


If you are connecting with a Blackberry Smartphone and are using a GSM or SIM card based phone, you should be able to connect to Blackberry Bridge at the same time!


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