How to turn off Data on a Blackberry

Avoid Blackberry Data Roaming Charges

Have you ever received high roaming charges while travelling internationally when you knew that you were being very careful? – You only sent 2 emails and had a plan that covered your voice usage!


Little did you know that having your data device turned on will incur data usage even if you are not doing anything. – Your Blackberry is still sending and receiving data whether you read or sent any emails.


It is easy enough to turn off the data portion of your Blackberry while travelling which will stop these unwanted data transmissions, and reduce unexpected costs.



On your Blackberry:

  • Go to Manage Connections
  • Mobile Network Options
  • Under Data services choose from On, Off, or , Off while Roaming
  • Make the selection, then menu >save.

Simple and cost effective.


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