How to Un-install Applications from your Blackberry

Ready to Change up some of your BlackBerry Apps?

A few weeks ago (March 2nd, 2011) we touched on a great mobile device management tip: How to Un-Install Apps from Your iPhone


If you happen to own a BlackBerry SmartPhone instead of an iPhone, you might find that you are encountering the same challenges. You have downloaded an App and have now decided that you no longer like it, or need it, and would like the space freed up for something bigger and better.


Although this task may not be as simple as the iPhone method, it is still fairly simple to do:

  • From your Home Screen, bring up the Options menu.
  • Select Applications ( if you are running an older version of the Device Software, go to Advanced Options, then Applications)
  • Find, and highlight the application that you are looking to delete, then press Menu and Delete.
  • Click Reboot now if it pops up.
  • When your BlackBerry boots back up, the application should be gone!


Still thinking there has to be a simpler way? Try deleting them this way:

  • Highlight the application icon ( you may have to look in the Application folder)
  • Hit the Menu button
  • Click Delete.
  • Done.

Note: To make sure that the application has been deleted, you will still have to go to Options > Applications from the Home Screen and make sure the application is no longer listed.


How is your BlackBerry SmartPhone working out for you? Let us know some of your tips for managing your BlackBerry mobile device by leaving us a comment below.


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