How to Un-Install Apps from Your iPhone

How Do You Remove iPhone Apps You No Longer Want?

There are an abundance of Apps available for your iPhone – many are even FREE!  It also seems that more and more Apps are being created and released almost daily! (A bit exaggerated maybe).


So what happens when there is an over abundance of Apps on your iPhone? 


How do you get rid of the apps that you no longer want?


It’s actually quite simple. 

  • To uninstall an app, hold your finger on any icon on your home screen. This will make the icon shake or wiggle. 
  • An “x” should appear in the upper left hand corner of the apps that you have downloaded. Click the “x” of the application that you want to uninstall.
  • You should be prompted with message confirming that you want to delete it.  
  • Finally,  delete the application from iTunes.
  • If you decide later that you want the App again, just go to the App Store and select the application again. 
  • Hit “buy” again and you should get a message saying you can download it again for free. 


Simply put, iPhones seem to be simple to use and navigate!


How is your iPhone working out for you? Let us know some of your tips for managing your iPhone! Maybe we can add your tip into one of our Mobile Management Blogs or Tip of the Week!


  1. How to Un-Install Apps from Your iPhone | Telecom Expense Management – Mozilla Firefox

  2. Yes, but is there a way to uninstall the apps that come with the phone? The general consensus is no, but there must be a way to get it done.

    • Unfortunately Apple does not allow for the native apps to be removed. There are two options for hiding the apps:

      1) move the apps to the “10th page”:
      – Apple allows for 9 pages of apps to be downloaded to your iPhone. Start by touching one of the app icons wiggle. Select an app and drag it to the right edge of the screen. This will make it shift to the next page. Keep moving your apps until you have created 9 pages of apps. Make sure the native apps that you do not want are all on the ninth page and are the last ones on the page. Continue to move apps until the 9th page is full. Make sure that there is at least as many apps on your 8th page as there are apps you want to delete on the 9 th page. One by one move the apps from the
      8 th page to the 9th. This will automatically “delete” the unwanted apps to the 10th page.

      2)enable “Restrictions” to hide some of the native apps
      – Go to “Settings”, “General”, then “Restrictions”. Tap “Enable Restrictions”. It will prompt you to enter a 4 digit password. Enter one, then confirm. ( Note: Do not forget this password, or you will have to wipe your device in order to get back in)
      Turn “off” the native apps that you would like to hide. They should no longer show up on your home screen


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