How to use a BlackBerry as a Flashlight

Using your BlackBerry as a Flashlight – Handy!

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you had a Flashlight handy?

I think we all have at some point in time!


I know that this simple yet helpful tip is not new – but for those of you who did not know that your BlackBerry could also act as a Flashlight – Guess what…. – it can!


If you haven’t discovered the joys of the BlackBerry Flashlight yet – give it a try!

  • It’s great for finding your way to the door when someone has turned out all the lights
  • You can find the key hole when you come home late and your outside door lights are off
  • Works great if the power goes off and you need to find those candles and lighter (or a bigger Flashlight)
  • Checking on the kids without turning on the hall light
  • Finding your way around your tent, or just about anything
  • The uses are endless really


So how do you access the Flashlight on your BlackBerry?

Well your back-light  when it is set to 100%  brightness can shine a little light on some small areas. However, sometimes you need just a little more light – so why not use the video light on your camera.


So in order to use your Blackberry as a Flashlight:

  • Open the Video Camera application
  • Press Menu
  • Go to Options and find Video Light
  • Turn Video Light to ON
  • SAVE and then click YES (when the dialog box tells you that you’ll drain the battery)
  • Next time you want to use the Flashlight – Open the Video Camera application and press “Space”
  • To turn it off just hold down space again.


Like I said earlier this tip is not new yet it’s simple and helpful!

What other applications do you use your BlackBerry, SmartPhone, iPhone, or Mobile Device for?

Leave your comments below, we’ll research your suggestion

and then maybe add as an upcoming “Tip of the Week” or Mobile Device Management post!


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