Is Telecom Expense Management Right for Small Business – 3 Part Series

Could An Audit Save Your Business 30% On Telecom Expenses?

Understanding the benefits of telecom expense management for small business is a critical component to more effective cost savings and increased profits or small business which is often overlooked.

In this short video were going to explore the first component of a complete telecom expense management solution focusing on the cost audit process, for the purpose of cost savings.

In future videos will cover the final two components of the telecom expense management solution; management and reporting, and support and procurement.

Does your small business of the telecom expense management solution and policy?



[DDET Transcription of Video – Click to Expand] Hello everyone, George Gill here from GILL Technologies. Thank you for joining me. Today where going to talk a little bit about telecom expense management and how it affects small business. Often in the telecom expense minute management business were always talking about midsize or enterprise sized businesses, but there’s a lot of benefits for small businesses out there and we will focus on those in this particular post. So really the way GILL Technologies sees telecom expense management is really there is three components that encompass communication solution, what we refer to as a 360° solution. The first component is cost savings often referred to as the cost audit component, now with the cost savings when it comes to small businesses were obviously dealing with smaller numbers but usually the actual savings are greater than for most enterprise sized businesses and then there’s really a couple of key reasons why this is the case. The first is as a small business unfortunately the reality is your less important to the big carriers there more interested in companies with 500 plus units mobile devices or 250 for a smaller carrier but either way its outside the reach of a typical small business and by small businesses I should clarify we see small business as any company with 25 mobile devices or less. That can be three that could be 10 -20 or anything less than 25 is typically considered a smaller business when it comes to telecom expense management the way we see it anyways. Okay so the very first component as I said cost savings and one of the reasons why there’s typically larger savings is the carriers are not watching your account essentially the way they would be if you were a bigger company. The second reason is really the resources that a smaller business tends to have as compared to a midsize or a larger company in that usually with a larger company they’ve elected to have an assigned person that it’s their entire job to manage and support users with their mobile. With a smaller company it’s often a lot of people doing a lot of different functions a lot of different jobs and nobody’s particularly assigned to the single job of managing of the mobile workforce. So as far as resources go whenever you’re doing and dealing with a shared responsibility especially in something so technical as mobility and mobility costs and support our tendency is those cost aren’t monitored as tightly as in a larger business and then finally is the skill set and that really comes back to resources and when the companies doing multi-jobs and they’ve been wearing many different hats nobody really has the time to take that is necessary to learn all they need to learn about mobile costs to keep those costs down. Okay the next thing is frequency and technology. Technology as you know is always changing so with small businesses that they may go out and get the latest greatest mobility your mobile phone because it has a particular feature that they really like but are not necessarily understanding the impact to their overall service costs they might understand the phone for a cost of $500 and that’s it but the reality is often there’s a lot of enhanced features that have to be added onto that cost that the carrier bills into the service costs if you will, and the service costs tend to go up with these new great features that you’re encompassing. So the technology being employed by the company is also increasing their costs. By frequency what I mean is simply the time that it takes to review the building on a consistent basis because it will go back to the resources component there’s less resources that time span between the review of that bill intends to be maybe six months maybe a year maybe much longer. We often walk into businesses that have never reviewed their mobility costs and have had cell phones for 10 plus years and obviously in that case the costs are much higher and the savings therefore much greater. The final thing I want to talk about today is 30% and 30% is generally the minimum that we see with small businesses occasionally it’s less but on average it’s gonna be 30% or greater savings for small businesses. Now one might say that 30% isn’t that big a deal, I only spend $400 a month, I only spend $1000 a month. I guess that the best I can say to that is 30% of one dollar is still 30%, so the way a small business should be looking at telecom expense management is if I can save 30%, 20% ,10%, or even 40% on any expense that my business has, I am on a good path to increasing profit in being a more efficient company and I think that’s critical to understand. 30% is 30%. If I were to say that I could save you 10% on your mortgage costs would you be interested, probably I mean we see that as a personal cost often in small-business they see cell phones as a cost of doing business which of course it is but they don’t understand that to maintain that cost keep that costs as low as they possibly can they have to employ some sort of telecom expense management system. That’s it for today, next week I’m going to talk about the next component of telecom expense management which would be reporting and management and how that can benefit small businesses as well. I’m George Gill if you’d like to learn more about tips and tricks from GILL Technologies please go to the [/DDET]


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