Knowing the Ins and Outs of Your Mobile Carriers

Do You Know the Ins & Outs of Your Mobile Carrier?

Knowing the ins and outs of the Mobile carriers that your organization uses, is always the best way to beat them at their own game. I am sure that you have at one point in time had a very frustrating call to a Mobile carrier that left you angry and pulling your hair out!

You are not alone. This happens to the best of us – however – knowing the ins and outs will help you with your quest for cost reduction &  control of your mobile expense management.

  • Do your homework

Where possible, check out the website and know the feature that you want  as well as what it costs.

Talk to other business owners about how their certain mobile issues were resolved.


  • Call Back

If you do not get the answer that you want – then Call back!

You will find that there are several answers to 1 question, and if you do not like the answer to your question or issue call back and speak with a different representative, there is a good chance that the answer will be different.


  • Speak with a Manager

Do not hesitate to ask to speak with a Manager.

If you feel that your issue is not being handled properly, then ask the representative to transfer you to speak with a supervisor or manager, and then take your issue up with the senior representative.


  • Names

Always make sure that you get the name and / or ID number of any representative that you speak with regarding any situation that you call in about.

You never know when this info may come in handy.


  • Make notes any time you call

In addition to taking the name of the rep, you should also record the date and time that you called.

Carriers make mistakes and you may have called to simply add a feature to a line which the rep said was done, only to find out next month when you get your bill – that not only did that roaming plan not get applied to your account, but you now have $3000.00 in roaming charges because of it!

If you have all the details of when you called and who you spoke with etc., it will make getting a credit that much easier!!


  • Contact your Corporate Rep

If you have a corporate representative assigned to your fleet, then use them!!

They are likely to know your Mobile Account better than a regular Cellular Customer Service Rep.


  • Email when possible

If your request is not extremely urgent, then email your Corporate Rep.

Most of the time they will be back to you in a day or 2, but at least there is a hard copy of your request, and of their response back to you (creating accountability), that you can refer to later or use to back up billing errors etc.


  • Ask for Credits

Do not be afraid to ask for Credits for billing errors or down time.

Representative have the authorization up to a certain dollar amount for good will credits that can be applied to your mobile device account for your frustrations.

Larger credits may take a bit longer, as a request would have to go through an internal approval process – but there is no harm is asking for one!


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