Managing the Manager Report

Tele-Watch Reports on Managing your Manager Report!  


How do you manage your managers wireless expense management? 


Seeing all the wireless communication billing reported in one consistent format is what Tele-Watch is about, but more than that, allocating units to their respective manager will allow a quick glance at the Manager Report to give a broad picture of the company’s spending patterns, control and budgetary compliance. 


When units are assigned to their applicable manager group, this report enables you to view and compare departmentalized spending, and usage patterns.


From the Mobile, Reports menu, select Manager Report.  The report begins with the Summary by Manager section, which allows a quick view of all manager groups total spend and usage with detailed break-outs below. 

Viewing current spend and year to date totals can assist with budget preparation, adherence to company policies, and prevents abuse of resources. 


Where issues need to be investigated: 

Clicking on a Manager Group will bring you to the detailed listing of units. 

If there is an identifiable issue with a specific unit, clicking on the unit number will then take you to that individual user’s details, which can then be followed through to the user’s summary. 

At this point trends and spending can be analyzed for issues and changes. 



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