Mobile Analysis of Pooling Accounts

Pooling Accounts  and Mobile Expense Analysis

Savings can be achieved in many ways when analyzing mobile expenses.  One key factor is the minute allowance of voice plans, which should be evaluated to ensure they are appropriate for a unit or account’s usage.


Pooled plans provide a challenge to understand at times, especially when it means looking at an entire account as a whole instead of each unit as an individual.  This means, for example, that even though one unit has been charged $130 in additional airtime, there may not be justification to put that unit on a larger plan, as that amount may be discounted somewhere else on the account’s billing.  To confuse pooling issues further, each carrier offers pooling plans with slightly differently structures for their clients.


With Minute Pooling all units are allocated a monthly amount of minutes to contribute to the pool.  The “pool minutes” are distributed first-come, first-serve.  This means that if the total pooled minutes are used up in the first week of the month by any combination of users, any subsequent minutes used by any member of the pool are billable, and would show on billing as a charge against each specific user.


This often confuses clients when one user on a 250 minute pool plan uses only 50 minutes, and is charged for 25 of them.  What needs to be looked at is the usage for all users up to the maximum amount of minutes in the pool, then anyone with usage after that date should show charges for the rest of the bill cycle.


Dollar Pooling bills each unit individually for every minute of usage at either the “In Bucket” rate or the “Out Of Bucket” rate based on each individual unit’s plan details.  A pooling reduction is then calculated and applied at the account level, using any amounts remaining from In Bucket users to accommodate Out Of Bucket usage on other users.  This type of pooling allows users to be on varying sized plans and gives more flexibility on the structure of the pool.


Regardless of the type of plan, Tele-Watch recommendations are based on evaluations which take the intricacies of pooling into account.  This ensures that all mobile expenses are evaluated for savings.  Expert analysis of your bills means that all aspects of usage and plans are optimized.

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